Official Council Minutes #2

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Official Council Minutes #2 Empty Official Council Minutes #2

Post  Stormy Seas on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:39 pm

Call start 1000 local Sat July 21, 2012
Call end 1100 local Sat July 21, 2012

Random remarks all around to test call strength. Pineapples and avocadoes…huzzah!

In attendance: Biblr, Light Shine, KBX, Tia, Stormy,Toki.
In absence: None

First Topic: WoT random explosions and stuff! Everypony loves WoT! Stormy Seas and Tia can’t play and are super jelly.

Second Topic: Virtues/Fleet stewards to watch over each game we play, making sure everyone is playing nice and things such as starbase projects are kept going. Went over various Element reports and discussed the expansion/further explanation of roles for the different leadership positions. The title of Virtue would fall in-between Wonderbolts and Elements as far as structure is concerned, but would not fall into the reporting criteria. They would have no authority to create or change policy. Virtues would be game specific while Elements would be over-arching throughout the entire League. Virtues would report to the Triad, separate from Elements. Nominations for STO Virtue and WoT Virtue were discussed. WoT recruiting and expansion into Clan Wars and increasing membership also on the agenda.

Third Topic: Further refining of new STO site on Enjin and changing the current free forum into temp central hub, which will be solely for ponies and information archiving while the Enjin site will be for STO organizing and STO-centric stuff. Talk about keeping forums focused on information and not requiring people to use them; being strict on keeping the randomness to a minimum. Save that for the pony hub.

Fourth Topic: Expanding and filling in the ranks to get people involved. Explaining the promotion system: meritorious and position-based, not handed out randomly, for pure activity, or as favors. Further discussion in expanding into WoT and coordination.

Random Dr. Who talk. Stormy is the only one that doesn’t watch it. He is shunned. Then talk of launching missiles to coerce Light Shine in to returning to playing games. Cheers and pompoms! Derails! Best ponies! Madness!
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