Official Council Minutes #1

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Official Council Minutes #1

Post  Stormy Seas on Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:28 pm

Meeting start via voice call @ 0240 UTC, Jun 24 2012. Ended 0340 UTC.

In attendance: Light Shine, Stormy Seas, Tia, Lyra Heartstring, Captain KBX

In absence: Dusk Wisp, Scootaloo

Proposed Topics: League Charter; email communications and weekly reports; definition of Element and Wonderbolt roles; establishment of a central GoE website hub; Ponies.

Technical difficulties abound. So does the silence initially. Then Huzzahs! all around.

First topic = Charter. Once it is finished in a draft form between Light, Stormy, and Dusk, it will be posted for review and editing by the Council body. Preliminary draft is already in-progress. Similar in style and format to the US Constitution or Magna Carta.

Second topic = Contact and Reports. Weekly update from Elements concerning progress and issues taken from Wonderbolts and members abroad. Uplined to Dusk for compilation. May bypass and go directly to Light Shine if an emergency. Quality not quantity for reports. Via email, client chat, etc. Make sure Wonderbolts are reporting on a regular basis to Elements so that whole structure has visibility regardless of online time. First reports due by end of month (June).

Third topic = Roles. Elements have 1 week to contact respective Wonderbolts and work on own definitions of roles and intra-departmental guidelines. Possible audio recording to archive Council meetings.

Fourth topic = GoE hub website. Idea is to avoid forum appearance for hub; individual game forums would then branch as spokes as well as acting like an information repository with charter, rules, social aspects, etc. Possible world domination discussed. Purchase of our own .com domain. Individual and groups contributions to cover costs via outside medium such as PayPal. Website developer/designer needed.

Council Wrapup = Reiteration of individual tasks for this coming week (charter and roles). Long term (website). Lilith Ruby on Etsy willing to be official GoE merch dealer if we have good designs and enough of a customer base to make it financially feasible. Ponies. Failures to give proper brohoofs.

Alright ponies, let’s do this. Charge!
Stormy Seas
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