Implementation Plan for Fleet Map Access

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Implementation Plan for Fleet Map Access

Post  Hootanic on Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:44 pm

Implementation Plan for Fleet Map Access:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fleet Map invitations do not cost provisions from the inviting fleet and require that the visiting member have permissions to use fleet stores within their home fleet and that their home fleet has sufficient related provisions for the vendor used.

In order to facilitate the transaction process for Fleet Map invites the plan will work as follows:

A) Solicitations for Fleet Map access may be done on any member's own initiative for the benefit of the fleet in Zone chat or any channels where such solicitations are permitted.  The Soliciting member accepts all liability for such action on behalf of the fleet.

B) Fleet Map access is granted by members Ranks 6-7, who will be notified of the need for the transaction in the event that the Rank 6-7 member(s) are not the Solicitor.  In the event that a Rank 6-7 member is not on, please send the request in the form of a mail message.

C) Prior to giving a fleet map invite, the Rank 6-7 member will accept payment from the customer in an amount to be determined by the Rank 6-7 member(s) at the time of the transaction.  The Rank 6-7 Member will advise the customer of the above "IMPORTANT NOTE" and advise that all sales are final and no refunds may be issued and that agreement to those terms is a condition of the transaction.

D) Upon completion of the visiting customer's payment, the EC will be deposited to the Fleet Bank by the Rank 6-7 Member that received it.

E) Once a fleet map invite is issued for the holding, the Rank 6-7 member will remain available either on-site or in-game to assist the customer with any questions or needs that they may have during their visit.


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