Blossomforths New Romulus flight trip

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Blossomforths New Romulus flight trip

Post  V'idaar on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:01 pm

Screenies here

Well, I was about to do the tier 2 romulan rep mission on New Romulus, but forgot that you have to pick it up from the dude by the transporter in the mountain pass. Expecting to see a button with something like "transport to next area" to pop up, I kept pushing the invisible wall, like in the first screenshot. Suddenly, I was ejected upwards, onto some sort of invisible platform spreading across entire new Romulus. I wasnt able to walk on it normally, I had to hop to get around. It is possible to replicate this glitch, as you can see on the last screenshot - thats Koll@selbintheshard, who might have some more interesting screenies, possibly in better quality than me.

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