A small selection of random pony videos

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A small selection of random pony videos

Post  Katsuro_STO on Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:51 pm

First some "science": In this experiment we will be testing to see if Big Mac can be induced into a perpetual state of "D'aww" though the following videos. *WARNING* Karsuro is not liable for personal injuries sustained by A) trying to reach though your monitor to hug Fluttershy, and/or B) Damages to monitors and/or other equipment by trying to hug Fluttershy though them.

Let the testing begin!



and of course a Squee, just to finish it off Very Happy


Now I found this one yesterday; I think its a new video to Youtube, but I think it was very well done. A short video on how Luna gets her cutie mark.


and finally, "Dear Princess Celestia...", which I really enjoy watching; the animator did a wonderful job.



*EDITE* Found these while watching the Discord Shuffle.. *sigh* why does no-pony ever share awesome videos like this with me when they come out, I always find them my accident when looking at/for something else Very Happy



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