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New Forums...New rules

Post  Tia on Tue May 01, 2012 5:07 pm

Actually most of the rules are the same as before; No explicit photos, Refrain from swearing, and Love and tolerate
Some new rules
If possible please make your forum name the same as your in game name so we know who is who.
We started having allot of problems with spamming back in the old forums. Mostly it was harmless however several times topics have been brought to a screeching halt by a one line response from somepony looking for another post to add to their total. So I'm asking you now to makes sure that you add to a topic not just respond to it. Content is the fuel that keeps topics going for hundreds of posts.
On a related note...Please stop going off topic this can be as problematic as spamming and it tends to be rather annoying. If you have something you want to say but you can't find the appropriate topic, please by all means make the appropriate topic.
Speaking of collecting posts, from now on if you are on the cusp of getting your 50th or your 300th post please refrain from posting that this is a milestone post for you instead go to the forums category there is a topic called the bragging post where you can put these. I also encourage users to try to keep up with as many topics as you can. It's not hard and you can usually read through a multiple page thread in about 10-15 mins or less. Another thing, if you have something useful to add to an old topic by all means go ahead variety is the spice of life and I encourage it.
On a final note, Have fun! Don't let these rules worry you too much the most I might do is give you a friendly reminder.
OH that reminds me! Role playing is to be carried out on the forum chat from now on. 256 posts of our total post count is purely role playing posts and while bringing that number up is nice it seems to have encouraged the posting of topic killers. It is fine if you role play as a joke in a topic so long as you add something to the discussion as well. The new role play thread is for posting the outlines of possible stories, inviting people to join in on your stories, and discussing tabletop role playing games.
EDIT: Please refrain from making multiple post in a row unless your post is very long and you hit the character limit This includes image topics. Try to fit as many of your pictures as you can into one post.


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