Bank Reorganization and Usage Guidelines

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Bank Reorganization and Usage Guidelines

Post  Hootanic on Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:01 pm

In order to make better, more efficient use of the Fleet Bank, it will be reorganized in the following manner. All references to Ranks 1-7 are outlined in detail in Section 2, The Table of Ranks, of the UESF Charter – There are eight tabs, that will be renamed to the following:
Deposits, Alicorn Bank, Mk I-IX, Mk X-XII, Data Samples, Crafting, Consumables, and Overflow


“Deposits” is to be the first tab and thus will contain the energy credit total.
No item withdrawal from Deposits is permitted for ranks 1-4, but ranks 5-7 get infinite item withdrawal permission. Deposits is the only tab to which ranks 1-4 get deposit permission, but ranks 5-7 can deposit to any tab. The purpose of the tab is to shift the responsibility for sorting items into correct tabs to administrative ranks (i.e. those tasked with doing it); the tab is to be emptied regularly by ranks 5-7 and the contents are to be moved to other tabs or sold for energy credits that are then to be donated back to the bank, as appropriate.

Nopony is permitted to withdraw energy credits directly with the exception of ranks 6 (500,000/day) and 7 (unlimited). However, energy credit withdrawals are permitted for anyone pending approval by rank 6 (for amounts <=500,000) or 7 (any amount). All credit withdrawals are to be recorded in the ledger located at, whether they are performed for another person or for oneself.


“Alicorn Bank” will contain items too valuable to be withdrawn daily by general membership. Examples include most xii purple, xii blue, xi purple equipment, unique reward packs, commendation/skill point/Fleet Credit buffs .
The items are to be used as prizes for fleet events, but may also be sold by leadership with the proceeds donated to the fleet bank if additional slotting or funds are required.

Rank 7 has infinite withdrawal permission, as usual, and rank 6 is permitted to withdraw one item per day. Withdrawal and deposit of valuable items should be recorded at


“Mk I-IX” will contain, as the name suggests, ground and space equipment from marks 0 to 9 of any rarities. The purpose of this tab is to provide leveling characters with a source of equipment beyond their own drops.

Rank 7 has infinite withdrawal permission, as usual, but the only other rank with withdrawal permission is Rank 1, at 3 items per day (subject to change). This is because Rank 1 contains all characters below level 50, who are the only ones who would actually need/use the equipment. This is also the only tab from which rank 1 can withdraw in order to minimize the risk of fleet bank raiding.


“Mk X-XII” is to contain, as the name suggests, ground and space equipment from marks 10 to 12 of all rarities, with the exception of items that sell for significantly more than base resale value. (The cutoff between a valuable item and a non-valuable item is subjective, but can be judged as about five to ten times the object's resale value.)
Ranks 2 through 5 are to have 4 withdrawals per day from this tab. Ranks 6 and 7 are to have infinite withdrawal permission from this tab for maintenance purposes.


“Data Samples” will contain common data samples. It is not to contain particle traces, schematics, turret plans, or other crafting-related items.

Ranks 2 through 5 are limited to 120 sample withdrawals per day to allow for crafting. Since crafting is the primary intent, bank usage on this tab will be monitored to determine if abuse occurs. Ranks 6- 7 will have an infinite withdrawal permission to facilitate sample maintenance.
“Crafting”, will contain rare or advanced items related to crafting, such as but not limited to, particle traces, schematics, and turret plans.
Ranks 2 through 5 are limited to 10 withdrawals per day. Ranks 6- 7 will have an infinite withdrawal permission to facilitate item maintenance.


“Consumables” will contain minor, major and critical regenerators; minor, major, and critical components; small and large batteries of all four single subsystem types; cordrazine and immunosupport hypos; and food items valuable either as quest items or high-level tribble prerequisites.

There are to be no more than two stacks of any of the above items in this tab, with the exception of critical regenerators and critical components, which are allotted three stacks because they are frequently used and cannot be purchased from vendors. (These amounts are subject to change.)

Ranks 2 through 5 may withdraw 20 items per day. Ranks 6- 7 will have an infinite withdrawal permission to facilitate item maintenance.


“Overflow” will contain any items that do not fit in any other tab, as well as excess items from any filled tabs, that have been deemed too difficult to liquidate to be worth the effort.
In lieu of using the Overflow tab, leadership should endeavor to sell such excess items and deposit the proceeds to the fleet energy credit fund. However, certain items are understandably difficult to get rid of, so Overflow passes this responsibility/right on to the general public, who are under no obligation to return the items' value to the fleet bank.

This tab is also to contain datachips, not because they are garbage but because it is easier to withdraw all the available datachips and try to use them than to scroll through an accolade list to determine which ones are actually missing.
Ranks 2 through 7 have infinite withdrawal permission from this tab.

A Special Thank you to Rattmann@athgaar for planning and development of these changes.


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