Welcome to the Equestrian Royal Guard!

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Welcome to the Equestrian Royal Guard!

Post  Arturial on Mon May 13, 2013 2:01 pm

Welcome, to all my fillies and gentlecolts, to the Equestrian Royal Guard! To those who don't know me, I am Arturial, the current Captain of the Guard, though some call me Artie. I'm just writing this message to welcome everypony to the guild, and to kind of explain a few things about it.

ERG was established on Neverwinter's game as a guild for fans of the cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, created for television by Lauren Faust and copyright of Hasbro. It was created for young children, as it always has, but because of the series' skilled writing, character development, brilliant story-telling, and beautiful, clean animation, the series gave birth to a fanbase of much older fans, and of both MEN and WOMEN, usually ages 17 to 40, or so. These fans are referred to as BRONIES, a coined term mashing the two words BRO and PONIES, though some of the girl fans refer to themselves as PEGASISTERS, coined from a mash of PEGASUS - which is one of the forms of ponies that exist within context of the show - and SISTER. These fans, both guys and girls, generally try to follow the livelihood of the show in their own lives, by practicing the five elements of friendship given within the bounds of the show, and a general lesson in life; the five elements, listed in alphabetical order, are generosity, honesty, kindness, laughter, and loyalty, and the general outlook on life is to live by a phrase coined by the fanbase themselves, to 'Love and Tolerate'.

Many of the founding members of ERG are also players in a Fleet on the MMO hosted by the same company that hosts Dungeons and Dragons Online and Neverwinter, as well as Champions Online. Currently, there is an established Fleet on Star Trek Online that we affiliate with, since most of us play over on that game, as well, though there is no known Supergroup on Champions Online. We, as players, chat and communicate across these games on a channel called 'MLP Chat', which is a cross-game chat channel you can access from all Cryptic games. If you are not a member of MLP Chat, please speak to an officer, and we will try to get you added, or contact someone who can.

There are several ranks to the guild that members will find themselves in, some of them unavailable to most, but I'll list them all with a bit of explanation for each below. This is the current system, and might be subject to changing upon consideration of feedback from guild members and officers. All members are currently free to invite to the guild and speak on the guild chat channel, and each new rank opens new permissions, aside from the lower officers, whose permissions branch.

Recruit - Starting characters can be added to the guild, recruits are lvl 1-24.
Private - Characters lvl 25-59 will be considered Privates.
Private, First-Class - Max level characters, currently lvl 60, will be advanced to Private, First-Class.
Mission Commander - Officer Level. MC's take care of guild-hosted events, which can be found under the Events tab in the guild window(Default key 'G').
Guild Banker - Officer Level. The Banker takes care of organizing and cleaning out the guild bank, keeping it taken care of for use of the guild, and can also expand or modify the bank as needed, with permissions from the CotG.
Co-Captain - Officer Level. Co-Captains are directly under the Captain, and hold powers of all officers, aside from exclusive powers to the CotG.
Captain of the Guard - Officer Level. Highest position, only one exists. Position currently held by Arturial@hichan.

Any more information to this post will be added at a later time. Please send all feedback to the CotG in-game via @mail, to Arturial@hichan.

~ Arturial
Equestrian Royal Guard
Captain of the Guard
Neverwinter, Server 'Dragon'

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Congratulations on the formation of your guild!

Post  Hootanic on Mon May 13, 2013 2:57 pm

While we on the STO portion may be limited in the kind of support we can offer you we wish you the best of luck and offer any resources that we have to aid you in your efforts!


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