SS Trotingham standing by

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SS Trotingham standing by

Post  Malkarris on Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:38 pm

So, one of my characters has a Tuffli freighter and has also recently built up to max level in crafting, such as it is in STO. Therefore, I am making hte offer to the fleet, if you need anything crafted, I will do so at cost, so if you send me the parts, I will give you the component. And if this isn't top level gear that doesnot require dilithium, and you give me a bit, I might do it for nothing, depends on my stock of stuff.

Also, with the rep system, if you give me a bit of warning, I will invite anyone onboard to take advantage of the quartermaster on board who gives commodities at a good discount for most items. Not sure it its the best discount, but its much better than from your replicator. Not sure if I can invite KDF folks, but if you give me the EC, I can mail you the commodities. Just please let me know a bit before hand since my play time is limited and I don't play that character much these days.

If any leaders what to put this up in the fleet e-mails or where ever, please do so, I'll try and get in touch with one of you tonight about it.

EDIT: Just remembered, it would help if people know where to mail me. Please mail me in gaem at @Malkarris, that will reach me on whatever character I am on.

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