BronyCan: Canadas first (Major?) brony convention

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BronyCan: Canadas first (Major?) brony convention

Post  Katsuro_STO on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:13 pm

So, as I know we have some Canadian members in the fleet; and no-pony else has mentioned this yet; Canadas first major BronyCon is being held this summer in British Columbia. I happen to know several of the main organizers for this event; and though it is still a long way off, everypony working at getting it organized is very enthusiastic about it and already hard at work. The official webpage is here:

Not much information on it as yet (It is still 6 months away; a lot of details/work left for them to do!) but they will be updating it as they confirm further details.

They are also having a bit of a fundraiser (I know the main organizer has already needed to fly to B.C. at least twice this past year for BronyCan related work/projects/meetings/ect.) and while it would be nice if Canadian ponies threw them a few bits for the Con-related expenses, it would also be nice if you all helped spread the word about both the Con and the fundraiser.

The fundraiser page is here:

Woooo~ Canada BronyCon!
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