Season 7 updates/changes announced

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Season 7 updates/changes announced

Post  Katsuro_STO on Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:05 am

For the ponies who do not read the Cryptic forums here are the coming changes to S7: I snipped out the important things.


Private Queues are going to remain off for another week so that we can get the cool down timers for the missions to be in synch with the cool down timers in the public queues. Once that is confirmed, we'll turn the private queues back on.

The Reputation System, including the STFs are getting some major changes over the next two weeks. Here is a rundown of what is going to happen over the next several Holodeck updates.

* Omega Conversion Crates can be opened immediately. You will no longer need to achieve T3 in Omega Fleet to open these.
* Reputation XP Project timers are dropping from 40 hours to 20 hours across all Tiers. If you have a project in progress, it will not change, but any new projects after the update will be adjusted. We are also looking into adding the ability to drop a project.
* All XP Reputation Projects (projects that reward progress towards your next Tier) will now grant 240 Dilithium (on average) upon completion. If you complete 4 XP Rep Projects a day, you should earn about 960 Dilithium per day from it. These are in addition to the Marks to Dilithium conversion Projects. Once you've completed a Reputation System, these XP Projects will go away, but the Marks to Dilithium conversion projects will remain.
* Reputation Projects that convert Marks to Dilithium are being moved from unlocking at T5 to being available immediately. This allows you to convert Omega Marks and Romulan Marks to Dilithium similar to how you could trade STF items for Dilithium previously.
* Loot drops are getting added to STF mobs as well as to bosses.
* End of STF Loot Rolls are returning. There will once again be a chance to earn special rewards at the end of STFs or Romulan Mark events. These special rewards will be Bonus marks, BNPs, or other items needed for Reputation rewards.
* Reputation Advancement Projects (the ones that unlock each tier) are having their timers reduced from 1 hour to 15 mins. and we are removing Dilithium inputs from these Tier Up projects.
* The amount of commodities needed for Romulan Reputation projects is being reduced due to the lack of drops on New Romulus. We will be adding more drops to New Romulus in the future either through enemy kills or daily missions.
* All Reputation Projects are being changed so that you need to claim the reward upon completion. This puts it in line with how Duty Officer assignments work so you can see the rewards you are getting from each project.

We expect all of the above changes to be live before December. A few will be live by tomorrow, with the rest live around Nov 29th.

the Winter Event will begin around December 6th. Last year's Winter Wonderland has been updated to include new missions, a new track, new rewards, a new ship, and plenty of fun that will run through the new year.

We will also be running a full month of Feature Episode Replay where all the limited time rewards from all four series will be available all month long. So if you've got some new characters that need these special items, December is going to be your chance to catch up.

In January we'll be releasing an Andorian Ship on the Federation side to be quickly followed by the STO 3 Year Anniversary Event. This special celebration will be released with a new one-off Feature Episode.

The anniversary event will also offer a new special free ship for both Fed and Kdf players much like we gave away the Odyssey during last year's event.


As a personal note I am glad they are adding loot back to STFs; the fun value of running STFs dropped to practically nil with deceased Dil and no loot. Might actually be worth running a few now and again finally.

Also; I see that they are allowing everypony to open their omega crates; regardless of tier achieved. Haha; unfortunate I decided to delete mine now Rolling Eyes Ah well; nothing in any of them but 1-2 EDCs anyways; everything else got cashed out before S7.
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Re: Season 7 updates/changes announced

Post  the13thclam on Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:25 pm

Wow. If the increased grind of season 6, combined with the with the shift from actual content to hourly events hadn't driven me away, this would have for sure. Way to go cryptic. I looked at the tweaks they put in for s7 and even still I have no desire to bother with it.

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