Tekkit Server Info

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Tekkit Server Info

Post  ChibiCD on Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:30 pm

This post will collect all the info on the Tekkit server in one easy to find post. I will update it as needed.

Please only use Dimensional Anchors for keeping Chunks loaded.
They are much more stable and less of a burden on the server.

GOE Tekkit Server

Game Server Address:

Dynmap Address:

Current Tekkit Version: 3.1.3

Admins: ChibiCD, CyberFoxx

Moderators: Light Shine, Stormy Seas
Useful mod Commands

I've put these here so mods and Admins can find them easily. They will not work for you unless you unless you are a mod or admin.
'/whitelist add <player>' - Needed to alow players to log onto the server.
'/pex promote <player>' - Promotes player to the Members group, giving them build permissions.
'/pex user' - Lists current registered players. Useful for checking to see if another admin has already promoted a player.
'/whitelist list' - Lists all players in the whitelist


Help cover server cost.
Any amount is welcome.


Where to get MineCraft: http://www.minecraft.net/
Where to get Tekkit: http://www.technicpack.net/

A link to some Let's Play videos by the Yogcast guys playing tekkit 3. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL310728C6AAFF44B1&feature=plcp

This one here is another series done by a member of the Yogcast. It's more of a "walk through" style and even though it's Tekkit 2, it's still mostly relevant info. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF31FF54CE3BCA21F&feature=plcp

The next couple of links are the Wiki's for some of the main mods in the Tekkit pack.

And Last but not least...
CyberFoxx wrote:Mine Little Pony with Tekkit!

1. Grab the non-Modloader version (AKA: The "Normal download" one) of Mine Little Pony v1.2.6
2. Make sure you got 7zip installed! (WinRAR works fine too)
3. Open both the Mine Little Pony archive, as well as Tekkit's modpack.jar (You can quickly find the modpack.jar on Windows by opening a run prompt (Win+R) and inputting "%appdata%\.techniclauncher\tekkit\bin" (without quotes)) in two different 7zip sessions.
4. Now, the Mine Little Pony archive has a "MineLittlePony1_2_6" sub-directory, enter that. Now, highlight all the files and the two directories from Mine Little Pony, and drag and drop them to the modpack.jar 7zip session. You have just installed Mine Little Pony for Tekkit!
6. Update! The config for the mod has moved! It's now in "%appdata*.techniclauncher\tekkit\mods\MineLittlePony\MineLittlePony.properties". It only gets created after the first run after you've installed the mod. So install the mod, connect to the server, then quit, and the file will be there. (I personally use change ponylevel to 1, so those that don't have a skin are still human.)

I hope I made this as clear as mud... I've never been good with instructions...

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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  Light Shine on Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:57 pm

Whoa I'm a moderator. Let the epic Fluttershy times begin.


You know it.
Light Shine
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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  Stormy Seas on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:37 pm

Light Shine wrote:Whoa I'm a moderator. Let the epic Fluttershy times begin.

Mods? Oh dear. Well, if I ever learn how to make decent models just look for the giant Raindrops; I'll be the guy making regular offerings of cake and milk to her. Light Shine's house will be covered in yellow and pink flowers and flocks of animals.
Stormy Seas
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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  Shooting Star on Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:38 am

I should really finish building my Rarity statue Razz

@stikk91 Skype: Lyrá
Shooting Star
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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  ChibiCD on Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:16 pm

Between the 4 of us Admins/Mods there should be some one around to whitelist and promote to member for build status when ever a fleet member wants to join the server.
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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  Berryshine on Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:23 am

... Tekkit server?
With ponies?

This is the best. Possible. Thing.
*faints onto couch*

Edit: Now I have it all set up, WelshTigan shall be wandering around asking for permission. Also, is there a suggested texture pack?

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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  Malkarris on Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:28 pm

I've always kinda wanted to get into Minecraft, and I think I still have some spare space on my computer. But I'm a noob and a bit broke at the moment, so some questions.

1. Is there a cheap or free version of Minecraft I can use, or is that this tekkit thing?
2. Is there a guide for setting all of this up?
3. Can I create a New Lunar Republic in honor to my dark mistress in the game?
4. There is no 4.
5. Profit?

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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  ChibiCD on Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:53 am

You need to buy a copy of minecraft, you can do so at http://minecraft.net/

Tekkit is a Mod pack for minecraft and you need a paid for account to use it. Once you have a paid account, Tekkit is easy to set up. It has a simple to use launcher that will download and install every thing you need, it also handles all your updates.

Also, the Fragnet Servers in Chicago are all being DDOSed again. I'm currently waiting for them to transfer all the server files to a new machine in New York.

I'm hoping that this move will also provide a bit better connection for some people. New York is a major network hub for the internet, so fingers crossed, we will all get good connections to the server. This will mean new IP addresses for the server and Dynmap pages, so check back here for updates.
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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  ChibiCD on Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:06 pm

Server is now back up and running at it's new location. Sorry about the long wait on this everyone. Hopefully you all get a good connection with the server in New York.
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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  CyberFoxx on Sun Sep 09, 2012 6:30 pm

New plugin added to server: mcMMO!

mcMMO adds RPG elements to Minecraft. Every time you break a stone block, every time you dig up a pile of dirt, fire an arrow, tame a wolf, you gain XP in a skill. As you gain XP, you'll level up in that skill. As you level the skill, you'll gain new abilities! You'll mine faster, mobs will die sooner, you'll get double drops (At higher levels of course), etc. There is a ton of things that mcMMO does.

Cool things added by mcMMO:

: See this? Our good friend, the Block of Iron. mcMMO makes this guy special. Why? Because once you place one on the ground, they become an anvil! Anvils are wonderful things, they let you repair your tools. All you have to do, is place a block of iron, have the proper repair materials in your inventory, right click on the anvil with your tool and it'll be repaired! And yes, repair is a skill you can level!

Abilities: As you level a skill, you'll unlock special abilities. To use these abilities you have to sneak+right-click. (In a normal mcMMO install, it's just a normal right-click, but with Tekkit, this can cause weird things to happen, so I changed it to sneak+right-click.)

Please check the mcMMO plugin page for more info on abilities, commands, etc. For now, "/mcmmo" and "/mcc" will give you a start on how to use this amazing plugin!

NOTE: I managed to find config files for mcMMO to work with Tekkit. But, there may be some items that haven't been added, or have slightly wrong info. (The config files are for a slightly older version of Tekkit) I know that the new weapons, (Daggers, crossbows, guns, etc) haven't been added, but if you notice any others, or any blocks not dropping what they should be, please PM me either here on the forums, or on Skype.


New convenience plugin added to server: SignEdit!

Ever placed a sign, and noticed that you spelled something wrong? Well worry no more, with SignEdit, you can fix that sign without having to destroy the current one, and waste resources replacing it!

SignEdit is very easy to use:
  1. /signedit <line> <text>
  2. Left-click the sign!

Example: Say I have a sign that say "MArble" on line 2, and I need to edit it to "Marble".
  1. /signedit 2 Marble
  2. Punches sign
  3. Profit!

Also, SignEdit works together with LWC, so you can only edit signs that you have permission to! Type "/signedit" in-game to find out more.

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Re: Tekkit Server Info

Post  ChibiCD on Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:05 pm

Finally updated the Server to 3.1.3... Some cool new features in Railcraft, but mostly just stability fixes and other things.

IC2 Changelog:
- Added Energy-O-Mat
- Fixed crash when removing Personal Safes
- Fixed Cropnalyzers adding NBT tags to items in the hotbar
- Fixed crash with rubber tree generation disabled
- Fixed crash when loading some worlds
- Fixed sided inventory for the Crop-Matron (Hydration Cells top, Weed-EX bottom, Fertilizer sides)
- Fixed shift-click behavior with machines
- Fixed console spam when moving energy tiles with frames
- Fully disabled crop trampling
- Miners output to RedPower relays and other smaller inventories
- Improved right-click charging for Single-Use Batteries

- Added more methods to the Reactor API
- Added EnergyNet patch for an addon
- Added block ID mismatch checking when connecting to a server
- Fixed Quantum Suits behaving incorrectly after going through a portal in multiplayer
- Fixed Cropnalyzer causing incorrect stacking of items
- Increased energy per damage taken on Nano Suits and Quantum Suits

- Added Electric Storage Block API
- Fixed Nano Suits and Quantum Suits draining extreme amounts of energy when absorbing damage
- Fixed enchanted IC2 armor and tools not having a blue name
- Mobs are set on fire for double the time when hit by a Mining Laser in Super-Heat mode
- Improved energy network handling of multiple destinations

- Added pre-release BuildCraft 3.2 integration - build 51 and lower remain using the 3.1 integration
- Fixed Quantum Leggings sprint detection on multiplayer
- Fixed batteries and crystals being item repairable
- Reduced Water Mill bucket-manned output to 1 EU/t
- Right-clicking retracted pistons with Sticky Resin makes them sticky

- Added coolant cells as coolant for BuildCraft 3.2 combustion engines (5 times more efficient than water)
- Fixed blue Painters not refilling from indigo dye
- Mass Fabricators can use Scrap Boxes as amplifier
- Painters can paint sheep

- Fixed crash when rightclicking mobs with bare hands
- Fixed crashes when using cells with Railcraft or Forestry
- Fixed crash when putting an unknown item in the fuel slot of a Geothermal Generator or Water Mill with BuildCraft 3.2
- Fixed crash when highlighting Machine On/Off triggers with BuildCraft 3.2
- Rewritten cable renderer to improve performance

Computer Craft Changelog:

    Fixed labelled Computers not keeping their data when destroyed
    Fixed the “excavate” program outputting lots of spam
    File system size limits now take into account empty files and directories
    Some small changes to the Turtle Upgrade API ahead of it’s impending release


    Ported to Forge Mod Loader
    Added Farming, Felling, Digging, Melee, Crafty and 14 other combination types of Turtles
    Labelled computers and turtles can now be upgraded into other turtle types without losing their data
    Added an API for mod developers to create their own tools and peripherals for turtles (defails coming soon)
    Turtles can now attack entities with turtle.attack(), and collect their dropped items
    Turtles can now use turtle.place() with any item the player can, and can interact with entities
    Turtles can now craft items with turtle.craft()
    Turtles can now place items into inventories with turtle.drop()
    Changed the behaviour of turtle.place() and turtle.drop() to only consider the currently selected slot
    Turtles can now pick up items from the ground, or from inventories, with turtle.suck()
    Turtles can now compare items in their inventories with turtle.compareTo()
    Turtles can place signs with text on them with turtle.place( [signText] )
    Turtles now optionally require fuel items to move, and can refuel themselves
    Increased the size of the the turtle inventory and screen
    New turtle programs: craft, refuel
    The turtle “excavate” program is now much smarter: Will return items to a chest when full, attack mobs, and refuel itself automatically
    Added optional Floppy Disk and Hard Drive space limits for computers and turtles
    The send and receive range of wireless modems now increases with altitude, allowing long range networking from high-altitude computers (great for GPS networks)
    Right clicking a Disk Drive with a Floppy Disk or a Record when sneaking will insert the item into the Disk Drive automatically
    The default size of the computer screen has been increased
    Lots of additions to existing APIs and programs. Type "help whatsnew" in game for the full details.
    Several security, stability and bug fixes

RailCraft Changelog:
Version 5.4.7b - (07-22-12)

    INFO: This is client-only repackage that changed only the two bugged GUI files and is not a full release. The server did not change.
    FIX: Fixed Launcher Track and Priming Track GUIs not working in SMP.

Version 5.4.7 - (07-16-12)

    CHANGE: Liquid Loaders can now extract liquids from tanks without needing Wooden Pipes.
    CHANGE: Basic cart drag is now adjusted by default.
    FIX: Fixed another issue with network updates in SMP.
    FIX: Undercutter now drops correct items for blocks with metadata.
    FIX: Railcraft no longer doubles IC2 metal dusts.
    FIX: Breaking animation now renders correctly on tracks in SMP.

Version 5.4.6 - (07-15-12)

    CHANGE: Default name of Banded Planks changed to Water Tank Siding. You must delete "languages.cfg" to see the change.
    FIX: Fixed a crash if you manage to put an invalid item in the Coke Oven input slot using pipes or tubes.
    FIX: Fixed a crash with the Tank Detector.
    FIX: Tracks now update correctly on SMP.

Version 5.4.5 - (07-14-12)

    FIX: Fixed a GUI crash with the Item Loaders.
    FIX: Tweaked some of the energy code to prevent crashes due to out of data APIs.

Version 5.4.4 - (07-14-12)

    NEW: Added Smoothstone Recipe to the Rock Crusher.
    CHANGE: Modified the implementaion of ISidedInventory on the Coke Oven. Coal or Wood goes in the top, empty Containers in the bottom, and all output out the sides.
    CHANGE: Modified the implementaion of ISidedInventory on the Liquid Loader. Input from the top, output on the sides.
    CHANGE: Transformer Upgrades additionally allow the Energy Loader/Unloader to charge higher tier items.
    CHANGE: Energy Loader/Unloader now needs a Transformer Upgrade to charge the MFSU Cart.
    FIX: Fixed Client crash related to Tank Carts.
    FIX: Shift-click in the Coke Oven now puts things in the correct slots.
    FIX: Tweaked language code to hopefully prevent crashing.
    API: Fixed RailcraftCraftingManager reflection calls.

Version 5.4.3 - (07-13-12)

    FIX: Gated Tracks once again connect to fences.
    FIX: Track Relayer can now be pushed.
    FIX: Track Relayer now properly sets track direction.
    FIX: Replaced all calls to EnumItemType.LIQUID with internal calls to the LiquidManager, should reduce crashes due to outdate APIs.

Version 5.4.2 - (07-13-12)

    FIX: Added server load order definition and added IC2 to load order for both client/server.
    FIX: Fixed shift-clicking on the Rock Crusher.

Version 5.4.1 - (07-13-12)

    NEW: Added Reinforced Switch Track.
    FIX: Added missing recipes for Reinforced Booster Track and Reinforced Junction Track.

Version 5.4.0 - (07-12-12)

    NEW: Reinforced Track, a new flexible track with a high explosion resistance that makes it ideal for building rail lines in the Nether. Also has a 25% higher top speed without the risks of High Speed Track. Also Booster, Switch, and Junction versions added. Made with Obsidian Dust which you get from crushing Obsidian in the Rock Crusher.
    NEW: Rock Crusher, a 3x2x2 multi-block machine that will process various materials. If Buildcraft 3.x is installed it must be powered by an engine (uses 15 MJ per tick max while running).
    NEW: Crushed Obsidian, a ballast material made from crushing Obsidian. Has a high explosion resistance and is affected by gravity.
    NEW: Added Track Relayer, a cart that will replace one type of track with another as it passes over it. Works best when linked to a Chest Cart.
    NEW: Added Undercutter, a cart that will replace the block under the track with a ballast material (gravel or crushed obsidian) as it passes over it. Works best when linked to a Chest Cart.
    CHANGE: Creosote Oil is now treated as a liquid and can be piped around with Buildcraft Pipes. Additionally it can be burned in a Forestry Biogass Engine at 4 MJ for 15,000 ticks.
    CHANGE: Coke Oven got a new GUI to reflect the fact that Creosote Oil is a liquid, it has an internal oil capacity of 64 buckets.
    CHANGE: Revamp of the localization system. Now uses standard languages codes and no longer requires you to set the langauge in the railcraft config. Also allows dynamic language switching (no restart). Still waiting for translation contributions.
    CHANGE: Liquid Loaders no longer accept empty liquid containers. Liquid Unloaders no longer accept filled liquid containers or piped in liquids. This prevents using them as a simple bucket filler block. There are other mods for that.
    CHANGE: Liquid Loader internal capacity increased to 8 buckets because it was running dry while filling carts.
    CHANGE: Rewrote how the Tank Cart items stored Liquid Filters, expect oddities with existing items. System is much more robust now though and any liquid container will work.
    CHANGE: Moved Wooden Rails into Tracks-Wood Module and H.S. Tracks into Tracks-HighSpeed Module, added Tracks-Reinforced Module.
    CHANGE: Tweaked Holding Tracks behavior while continuously powered.
    CHANGE: Reduced launch force of Boarding/Holding Tracks again.
    CHANGE: Track textures moved to their own file ("railcraft.png" was getting a little crowded). Going to need to update those texture packs.
    FIX: Fixed some issues with the ISpecialInventory implementation on the Liquid Loaders.
    FIX: Energy Loaders now implement ISidedInventory.
    FIX: Tweaked Junction Tracks to hopefully eliminate track jumping.
    FIX: Made an attempt at fixing some dupe exploits related to closing GUIs in SMP.
    FIX: Major overhaul for the handling of liquid containers that should fix a number of bugs and exploits that were discovered while converting Creosote to a liquid.
    FIX: Fixed a bug with the Crowbar that was causing entity interaction to terminate on the client in SMP. (No hearts, no milking, etc...)
    FIX: Fixed a bug that was causing the alternative Creosote recipes to always be active. Also, Biogass Engine can only burn Creosote if the alternate recipes are not defined.
    API: Added BallastRegistry to allow material other than gravel to used as fill in the Bore or Undercutter. Added Ballast as a possible EnumItemType.
    API: Exposed the recipe managers to allow defining custom recipes for Railcraft machines. (Also, I broke the NEI plugin with this release.)
    API: A major rewrite of internal code was done to expose the system used to pack infinite Tracks into a single block id. This should allow addon creators to easily add new Tracks with very little effort. There should be little effect on any mods currently using the API since the only classes that changed where mostly useless anyway.
    API: LiquidTools has been removed and internalized, hope no one was using that. Interfacing with a several different APIs made it to difficult to maintain. It may return in the future.
    KNOWN ISSUE: Item names default to "en_US" on game start. You must change langauge each session to fix it. (Forge ModLoader bug)
    KNOWN ISSUE: There is no sound in SMP, I'll worry about this when MC 1.3 is released.
    KNOWN ISSUE: When attempting to fill an emtpy bucket from a cart or block that contains Forestry Seed Oil, Honey, or Juice it returns a filled can instead. This is a Forestry bug!
    WARNING: Not tested with Buildcraft 2.x! If you exprience any errors let me know.
    WARNING: The Railcraft NEI plugin will crash your game!
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Re: Tekkit Server Info

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