Mane6's game "Fighting is Magic" Alpha leaked

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Mane6's game "Fighting is Magic" Alpha leaked

Post  Katsuro_STO on Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:46 am

Well; as some of you ponies might know, there has bee a Streetfighter-style game being made by "Mane6" based on MLP called "Fighting is Magic". Their webpage is found here.

It appears that one of their testers decided to post the alpha on the internet to which Mane6 was understandably less then impressed about, resulting in the firing of the entire testing team and the announcement of all further testing will be in-house.

Now, this is truely unfortunate that somepony so seriously betrayed their trust; Mane6 did decide to leave the leaked alpha up on the web for interested ponies to try out. With the warning/conditions that this is a pre-release alpha, not intended for serious gameplay, and is very prone to crashing. And it is absolutely not to be shown/played at ANY brony convention prior to their planned public showing at Canterlot Gardens. They also will offer no support or answer any questions asked about the leaked alpha version.

Mane6 did provide a link on their facebook page as to where you can download the alpha (as its already out running rampant on the internet anyways) and you can download it from here: ?le7eliso7b7icde

It is really unfortunate that it happened this way; I am sure a public beta would soon have been released; but one bad apple spoiled the bunch and everypony will have to make due with a buggy alpha until the final product is released by Mane6.

It does look awesome from the demo videos Mane6 has on their webpage; they put a lot of hard work and effort into making an exceptional game for the brony community. I am glad this serious setback has not discouraged them from continuing the project.
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