Xiee (aka Xhi, Shi) Reporting for duty

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Xiee (aka Xhi, Shi) Reporting for duty Empty Xiee (aka Xhi, Shi) Reporting for duty

Post  Xiee on Sat May 12, 2012 6:16 am

So what can I say about myself? First of I'm known as Shi (Fed side) or Xhi (KDF Side) in the game. I've been a Star Trek fan ever since I was a kid. I could remember watching old reruns of TOS on TV way back. So far my favorite of the Star Trek series is DS9 and Voyager and the Original TOS movies. Of course I'm a brony. I started becoming a brony around the end of September 2011 when I discovered someone posting Pony Troll Memes on another gaming forum that I used to go to.

Anyway, the only forums I go to now is here and a Pony RP forum (Canterlot.com). Yes, I'm quite adept at RPing but forgive me if I don't do it here since on the other forum that I go to. I'm swamped with lots of RPs, but I might be persuaded to do one here if I do see something interesting.

Anyway, I'm in South East Asia. Technically in the Philippines but I usually travel to Singapore for work. GMT is +8 so that means for you folks at Eastern time in the US, I'm about 12 hours advance from you. I'm currently in between jobs and hanging around maybe another month or two. I've known about STO for a while but never got into it since it was pay to play, and I already had enough games to worry about on the PS3. Jumped into STO the moment it became F2P last February.

Anyway, I hope to get along and stay with you guys for as long as it would permit me. I'm glad I found a brony fleet, been searching for one ever since I joined.

Oh, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are best Ponies in the Galaxy!

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Xiee (aka Xhi, Shi) Reporting for duty Empty Re: Xiee (aka Xhi, Shi) Reporting for duty

Post  Stormy Seas on Mon May 14, 2012 6:38 am

Glad to have you with us. Here, have a pony to take with you in your travels around the galaxy.

Xiee (aka Xhi, Shi) Reporting for duty TakeThis10
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